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Let’s go swimming...Norwegian style!

Today is all about swimming in a fjord!

The sun was really shining today - it was a beautiful day 22 degrees, possibly more. We’d had a great morning of workshops and sessions and then it was lunch.

Now before I go on I have to tell you about the food!! Since we arrived here we start each day with breakfast at 8.30. It’s similar to home - bread, cold meats/ cheese, yogurt, cereal - stuff we’re all used to. That’s followed by lunch at 12 which could be soup, a light, hot meal or even cereal - very tasty! By now we’re pretty full up but in Norway, dinner is at 3.30 and that’s a filling hot meal - our favourite so far has been fish and chips! But, just Incase you’re still peckish... there’s supper at 7.30 - a snack of bread, jam and a new one for us, brown cheese!

So, back to the swimming...

We can see the water all around us. It’s crystal clear and looks like a lake but it’s the sea. There’s no small waves lapping a shore from where you can wade into deeper water. We headed down to a small white house which is at the beginning of a walkway around the cliffs. There we found a diving board and that’s how you get into the’s all or nothing! No toe dipping here!! And my, the water is cold!!

What fun we had jumping in, climbing out and doing it again and again and again! We highly recommend the experience!

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