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Getting to know each other...

Day 3 of our exchange was Norwegian Day! A day focused on learning about Norway and giving our new friends an insight into life here in Ireland.

For dinner we ate a traditional Norwegian meal - Kjøttkaker med brunsaus or meatballs with gravy. Whilst a Norwegian favorite, it did feel very familiar to us. Then we stood to hear the Norwegian national anthem and tried our best to join in!

Later in the day, we took part in a speed-dialogue - 30 secs with each of our new friends asking questions and delving into the differences and similarities of life in our respective countries - fascinating! We finished the day with a sweet treat of Kvikk Lunsj (meaning Quick Lunch) and bottle of a Norwegian soft drink favorite - Solo. What made Kvikk Lunsj so interesting is it’s association with skiing and hiking. Since the 1960s, the Fjellvettreglene or mountain code has been printed on the inside of the packaging.

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