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Sommersanguka we come!

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

We're just waiting for the airline to open online check-in....

Monday morning we'll meet in Dublin Airport for the start of our Norwegian adventure. It's going to be a long day! Our flight takes off at 09:35 and with a stop over in Stockholm, we'll finally arrive in Bergen at 17:45. We've been following the weather forecast and it's looking a bit changeable - very much like here in Ireland but with a bit of luck we'll get enough sunshine to make a swim in the sea possible!

Our hosts Ung i Kor Vest prepared really helpful information for us so we already know the programme for the exchange, the names of all the leaders and a bit more about where we'll be because the base for our exchange isn't actually in Bergen but about 40 mins south in a place called Os.

Our first night will be in Bergen and then we'll be travelling on Tuesday morning to get to Kongshaug Musikkgymnas!

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