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Play an Instrument Outreach Programme

Subject to musician and instrumental resources availability, MGOW offers instrumental tuition on a variety of instruments in a range of settings.
Generally tuition is delivered during the school day.

Music Generation Offaly/ Westmeath currently partners with over 20 educational settings on the 'Play an Instrument Outreach Programme'.

Whole Class/ Large Group Instrumental Tuition

Suitable for all educational settings

Introduce young people to the joys of playing an instrument through the whole class instrumental tuition programme.  Tuition in whole class or large groups of 15 to 20 on a range of classroom instruments is a great way to give young people a taste of what's involved in learning a musical instrument.  Sessions are generally 40 - 45 mins in length and delivered during the school day.

Tuition is available on ukulele, keyboard, guitar and recorder subject to musician availability.

Small Group Instrumental Tuition

Suitable for young people aged 9+

Small Group Instrumental Tuition is available on a range of woodwind, brass, percussion and string instruments for groups of c.3 pupils at a time. Weekly lessons of c.30 minutes duration are scheduled to take place during the school day. 

The Strings Programme

Currently only available in primary schools

The Strings Programme consists of large group instrumental tuition on violin.

It is expected that pupils will be encouraged to participate over a number of years - it is not a 'taster' but instead an introduction to the world of string playing which can lead onto more specialised teaching in violin, viola or cello (subject to available resources).  Weekly lessons of c.40 minutes duration are held during the school day.

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