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Programmes for Primary Schools 

The Kodály & Kodály+ Programmes

The Kodály Programme develops a deep understanding of musicianship in pupils over successive years of participation. 
Currently, MGOW works with over 4,000 primary school children aged from 4 - 13 through its Kodaly and Kodaly+ programmes

The Kodaly & Kodaly+ Programmes are whole school performance music education programmes where a MGOW musician has the opportunity to work with pupils over successive years.  In this way, the musicians will through experiential learning sessions, develop young participants' musical skill and ability.  

During the early years, pupils’ knowledge & understanding of a range of musical concepts will be developed through a range of singing & rhythm games before moving onto more complex and demanding experiences as the Kodaly Programme seamlessly transitions into instrumental work (e.g. recorder, guitar, keyboard) and/ or choral development activities for more experienced participants.