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Within MGOW's team are a small number of musicians with expertise in planning and delivering music in special education needs settings.


By working closely with each setting, musicians plan sessions that provide participating children and young people with the opportunity to experience the holistic benefits of performance music education. 

It is also hoped that opportunities for collaboration and performance with others in mainstream and community settings will emerge.  

Generally tuition is delivered during the school day.

Currently MGOW facilitates weekly music sessions in three SEN settings across the region, and in the SEN classes of three partner primary schools.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us to discuss options but it should be noted that participation in this programme is subject to availability of musician and instrumental resources.


Working in partnership with the HSE we provide weekly music sessions for clients of the Mullingar Resource Centre.

Members enjoy singing and playing a variety of instruments their favourite songs.

Saplings Special School in Mullingar is for children with ASD and each week our musician provides fun and inclusive 

performance music education classes, as well as individual sessions as required.

Tullamore Library provides the setting for weekly music sessions for clients of the Rehab Care Group in Tullamore

Working with our musician, the members sing and perform together.

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