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Regional choirs for children & young people who love to sing! 

Once a month the Irish Youth Choir team leave their base in the University of Limerick and travel to Athlone Institute of Technology.
In Athlone the IYC team join forces with MGOW to create the Singfest Regional Choirs catering for singers aged 6 - 18.
All of the choirs are non-auditioned and come together for day-long Saturday rehearsals from October to May each year.
 What is Singfest? 

Singfest is a year long singing residency created by MGOW in partnership with Sing Ireland.  As part of the residency we have created a number of regional children's & youth choirs.  Singers involved in our regional choirs are called Singfesters and our Artistic Director is Greg Beardsell.


 How do I join? 


Interested singers can apply during the annual sign up.  This takes place between August - October

Outside of these dates, interested individuals should contact us directly.



Ability to commit to attending rehearsals as well as the final performance will be taken into consideration when selecting singers.

THERE IS NO AUDITION, however, please note that Singfest is an intensive choral programme based on monthly rehearsal attendance - failure to regularly attend rehearsals may impact the singer's enjoyment of the project and subsequently their ability to take part in the closing concert.

 What makes a Singfester? 

Singfesters are:

  • Enthusiastic, hard-working young people aged between 6 and 18 who love to sing!

  • They travel from all over Offaly, Westmeath and beyond to rehearsals.

  • They have wide-ranging levels of previous involvement in and experience of singing.  

 What else is involved? 

Rehearsal commitment: Monthly rehearsals from October - May.
Rehearsal Times: Singfest Explorers meet from 10 - 1pm
All other Singfest Choirs rehearse for the FULL DAY from 10 - 4pm

Concert: During May each year
Where: Rehearsals are based in Athlone Institute of Technology
Cost: Singfest Explorers: €50 non-refundable membership
All other Singfest Choirs: €80 non-refundable membership

Please check rehearsal schedule included in application form for potential date clashes in advance of applying.

Our Choirs



For singers aged 13 - 18 who are building towards being members of a four part choir.  This choir offers girls and boys (whose voice is/has changed) the opportunity to join a small ensemble that will challenge and extend musical experience and achievement.



Perfect for singers aged from 8 - 12 ready to take their first steps in part singing.  This choir aims to provide girls and boys with the opportunity to learn more about vocal technique, extend musical skill and experience singing in harmony.



Just for young singers aged from 6 - 8 years old looking for a fun introduction to group singing.  Sessions are jam-packed with songs and music games , all the time laying strong foundations for good vocal health and musical understanding.

'Singfest was simply amazing! It was fantastic to see how each child involved gave their best performance through the teams expert nurturing, culminating with an uplifting, wonderful Gala Concert - Just brilliant!'
'Thank you to the whole Singfest team for the absolutely amazing experience afforded to every single Singfester this year!'
'My daughter always came home from every rehearsal exhausted but super excited to go back to the next one.'
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